Friday, January 28, 2011


Thanks so much to the lovely and stylish Cassy over at Living a girl's adventure tale for the award - the first time I've ever been awarded for going on and on about myself. It's awesome!

The RULES...
  • Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post
  • Tell us seven things about you
  • Award seven recently discovered new bloggers
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Seven things about me...
1) I hate feet. So much that I have to look away from the screen whenever there's a shot in a film or TV show with bare feet in it. I can't stand to be touched by bare feet and I'm careful to make sure the that the sheets and blankets on the bed always have the foot-side at the bottom of the bed. Hate feet, love shoes.

2) I won perfect attendance awards all through elementary school. Except in Kindergarten when I was expelled, and in first grade, when I was suspended, both times for fighting. After that, I was a well-behaved bookworm with perfect attendance. Truthfully, I deserve perfect attendance awards for Kindergarten and first grade. I would have been in class, had it been up to me. It was the TEACHERS that threw me out.

3) I have at least a dozen pairs of black boots. They all look different to me - some are knee high, some are short, they are leather, vinyl, suede, there are cowboy boots, moto boots, dominatrix boots, pirate boots. So many black boots and I wear, maybe, two of them on a regular basis, one or two more once in while and the rest languish on the floor of my closet, waiting for those days when I'm rooting around down there looking for something and discover them. I don't wear them even then, I just admire them whilst feeling smug.

4) I organize everything. I'd even organize my ex-boyfriend's things. He'd come home with a new movie or book or album, I'd hover nearby, breathlessly waiting for him to walk out of the room so I could file it away. Alphabetically and according to genre.

5) I don't like to breathe used air. It has nothing to do with bad breath or crooked teeth. I just don't like breathing other people's used air. It only gets awkward at night when cuddling.

6) I collect things obsessively. If I like something, I must own all things related to it. I may never look at the other things again once I've acquired them, but acquire them I must.

7) I'm love dystopian anything. Zombie apocalypse, nuclear wasteland, blade runners, free jacks, Big Brother, or Captain Trips - if it's about survival during End Days, I will watch, read, or play the hell out of it. It doesn't even have to be good (I'm looking at you, Waterworld), I will love it, quote it endlessly, and pray for a sequel.

My seven award-winning bloggers...

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Inspiring and stylish, all.

~Bananwacky wishes you wouldn't wear flipflops


  1. Thank you! :) Also, read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Dark, but you will like it

  2. @Col - I've read that one. I loved it. So bleak but SO GOOD!