Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Week!

Dress - Eva Franco, Sweater - from Native Boutique, can't remember the brand but I'll update when I find it, Boots and tights - Target
Polar Bear - Los Angeles Museum of Natural History

This was my outfit on the first week of Frocking Friday. I wore it to First Friday at the Museum of Natural History and while I am a nerd that typically enjoys going to museums, going to a museum where they ply you with wine and there's a DJ spinning in one of the galleries and you're dancing to 70's funk while surrounded by a whole slew of taxidermied animals native to California... That's a whole other kind of fun. It's fantastic and if you're in LA you need to check it out.

My outfit for Week Two is still in my camera and Week Three hasn't happened yet. I feel I'm doing well on this challenge.

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