Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fur realz? (HA! See what I did there? I am so funny.)

I was taking a stroll through CityWalk the other day when I saw this teddy bear hood and is there anyone who can walk past something like that without stopping, pulling it off the shelf, popping it on your head, and forcing your boyfriend to take a picture of them? If so, that person is not me.

Here's the thing: Some things just don't work for some people and the tragic truth is that animal heads sitting on top of my head don't work for me. In all honestly, this doesn't bother me very much because I've suspected for a while that this is a very stupid trend. The one thing that gives me pause? Those girls who actually manage to pull this off. They are few and far between in the real world but every time I see one (all two times), I am filled with Covet. They are SO CUTE! I mean, look at this girl! That's adorable. She is completely rocking that ridiculous thing. I wish to rock that thing just as awesomely! And this why she's a model and me and most of the people that I see wearing these things are not.

~Bananawacky will put anything on her head

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