Friday, January 21, 2011

Frocking Friday: Week Two

Dress - BB Dakota, Tights - Target, Boots - Aldo

This is a dress I don't wear nearly as often as I'd like to. I love BB Dakota but I have size issues with them - those size issues being that we don't agree as to what size I actually am. That dress fits perfectly through the waist and hips and squeezes the life out of my upper bits. I get all kinds of Crushed Upper Bust action going and have just a teensy bit of trouble moving my arms. All this, and I refuse to go a size bigger because the smaller size fits half of me. Ah, vanity. I might not be able to take deep breaths but I'll pass out in style.
Those boots are a whole other story. Love at first site. I walked into the shop, noticed them there on the shelf waiting for me and knew that they were my destiny. About two days later, I finally admitted to myself that they're really, really ugly. My bestie says they look like Little Orphan Annie shoes and she's right - they totally do. Also, they're not very comfortable. In fact, they're so not very comfortable that they're actually kind of painful to wear. They weren't cheap, either. They completely fail in all aspects of shoedom. And I still love them. LOVE THEM. Did I mention that they don't really go with anything I own? But it's OK. We'll work it out. They really care about me and want to be right for me, I know they do. They'll change. We can make it work. We can be happy...Le sigh.

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