Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Starting all over again.

So the 30 For 30 challenge started today and while I'm sort of unprepared, I accidentally wore a dress I'd planned to include in my 30 (it was in the last 30 For 30, too. It's my Stand-by AutoPretty dress). In an act of ultimate remixing, I'm going to remix the photo from last time, too. Yep. Same shoes, same belt, same dress. What? I had to get up early and "look nice". This outfit is fall-back "look nice". I don't need to be creative because it works. It's dressy without being too dressy and the boots make it seasonally appropriate. And I'm not capable of wardrobe creativity before ten in the morning.
I'll have the rest of my30 for 30 list finished in the next couple of days.

I'm going to be part of yet another challenge! This one, The Shoeper Shoe Challenge, asks me to actually wear the shoes I own. Intriguing.....

~Bananawacky recycles, reuses, reduces

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  1. Very pretty. I love the color and relaxedness of that dress, and the huge belt is so fun!
    I'm doing the 30X30 too and have a link up every Wednesday for everyone who wears jewelry with an outfit,hope to see you there!