Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frocking Friday, 6 & 7

It's Official: I'm giving up on the February 30 for 30 Remix Challenge. I got supah-crazy sick and was out of the game for nearly two weeks. While that's kind of a flimsy excuse, I just hate to be so far behind the other remixers and (once again) so I'm wussing out of the rest of the challenge and will instead be ready to join up at the next one.
I'm still doing the Frocking Friday and Shoeper Shoe Challenges, though.

This dress (#6) was last year's Christmas gift to myself. I love the flared out sleeves and delicate lace.
The shoes were gifts from my mom and I'd shoved them into the back of my closet where they'd lain untouched for years until I found them again a few months ago. They moved into constant heavy rotation right away.
The red brooch was from a shop on Etsy - another Christmas gift from me to me - and the tights are from We Love Colors.

This dress (#7) is a summertime favorite. It reminds me of ice cream and it was twelve dollars at a vintage shop in Eagle Rock. Win!
The coat was another vintage bargain - $20 at American Vintage on Melrose. The white cardigan is also thrifted, the tights are from Target, and the hideous-yet-awesome boots are from Aldo.
That's two pair of shoes out of ?? for the Shoeper challenge. I've still got to get all my shoes together to count and photograph. Turns out I have no idea how many shoes I've actually got and I'm kind of excited to find out.


  1. That lace dress is divine! I love how it seems so feminine and you pumped it up with red tights! Haha