Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frock Friday, the Fourth

Frocking Fridays is presented with its first real challenge - Kendi's 30 For 30 challenge. I'd thought I would avoid choosing more than a couple of dresses for the 30 For 30 because they're more difficult to remix and I don't want to wear an outfit more than once or twice but I also don't want to wear the same dress two or three or four weeks in a row during the Frocking Fridays challenge. Luckily, this outfit was from last Friday, before Kendi's challenge began and this dress isn't part of my 30. It's the last time I'll be seeing it for a month. :(
It's simple little mod dress I found in a thrift store. I shortened the hem and removed the strange little belt/flap/buckle/thing attached to the waist.

I wore it with the white sweater (also thrifted) because when I tried a black sweater, the black-on-black-on-purple-stripes thing made me look like a witch that moonlights as a hooker.

(None of these are hookers. Only one of them is slightly trashy but she's still adorable and I love them all.)

~Bananawacky is offensive to witches everywhere

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