Sunday, February 6, 2011

The List

Here they are. The only articles of clothing I'll be in for 28 days.

Sweater and long-sleeve tops

Top row, l-r: Cardigan - Charlotte Russe; Sweater - purchased at Native Boutique; Sweatshirt - American Apparel
Bottom row, l-r: Military Jacket - vintage; Cardigan - vintage Lacrosse; Cardigan - gifted

l-r: Tri-color dress - vintage; Green dress - H&M; Tube dress - vintage

Skirts and Pants
Top row, l-r: Skinny jeans - F21; Capri pants - Anthropologie; Pencil skirt - H&M
Bottom row, l-r: Pencil skirt - vintage; Colorblock skirt - gifted; Denim skirt - vintage

Top row, l-r: Embroidered blouse - vintage; Knit top - F21; T-shirt - American Apparel; Print tee - Gogol Bordello concert tee
Bottom row, l-r: Flounce top - Stop Staring; Knit top - thrifted; Ruched top - gifted; Embroidered top - Zara

I got tired of the picture taking at this point and put them all in a pile.
Tall boots - modcloth; Riding boots - vintage; moto boots - Target; Oxfords - gifted; Espadrilles - Tommy Hilfiger; Black flats (in bag) - thrifted

That's it. The items I will probably grow to hate in the next 24 days.
Just kidding. I chose a few of these things because I rarely wear them and I'm hoping I'll figure out ways to work them into my wardrobe more frequently. One of them, the blue and white embroidered blouse, was in the Pile of Things to Get Rid of and when I saw it there, I fell in love all over again, fished it out of the Pile, and made it part of the 30. Hoping it works out this time around. ;)

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  1. I like your printed skirt!! Wish it was in my 30!