Thursday, February 3, 2011

Keeping up with the Kendis


Today, I photographed each and every item in my 30 For 30 list - and then I did a whole bunch of other stuff, like apartment-cleaning and errand running and working and stuff. I'm wiped out, folks, but the pictures, I have them and tomorrow I'll edit 'em and put 'em on the ol' blog, along with today's outfit.
I have to admit, I'm inordinately proud of myself for all the things I got done today (the apartment was really messy. The cleaning of it is a big deal, all by itself). I even cooked! Like, an entire meal! And some snacks! This whole "being productive" thing is kind of fun, huh? I should try it again sometime.


I'm rereading Victoria Beckham's style book, That Extra Half Inch. So much good. Hers and the Bombshell Manual of Style are the only style books I've ever read that I legitimately enjoy - they're funny, smart, and filled with great ideas and tips. What I love about Victoria's book (when we're best friends, I'm going to ask if I can call her Vicky. She'll say no because she's SO NOT a Vicky but I have to ask anyway. I mean, BFF's need cool nicknames, right? Maybe I can call her V. Or Tori. Or Ria. I'll have to work on it.) I've bloggily gushed about my love for her before but really, once you've read her book, you, too, will be convinced that you are destined to be besties with Posh Spice. She's just so great about dispensing the style advice - very straightforward and practical - Really, most of it is common sense and it's presented in a very conversational manner. She does promote her own clothing line frequently but who can blame her? If I had a line, it's the only thing I'd ever talk about. If you don't mind the self-promotion, you'll find that she's pretty spot-on with the tips and advice.
This is one of my favorite bits - nothing to do with fashion - she's talking about tattoos and describes her own:
...The five stars on my back represent me and David and each of the kids. They also mean I can survive three months in a freezer, which is handy.

Love her.

The negative reviews on Amazon are kind of hilarious. The positive ones sound much like me, just lots of Posh Lovin' but the ones who didn't like it? They HATED it. With burning, fiery hatred. Some people just can't appreciate that kind of awesome, I guess.

~ Bananawacky wouldn't last an hour in a freezer.


  1. hooray! cant wait to see your picks, fellow remixer! :)

  2. I actually picked this up when it first came out ages ago and never even glanced at it. I'm definitely going to pull it out now and see if I'm on the love it or hate it side!

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  3. I hope you like it, Elizabeth - it's really fun. :)