Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The List (in progress)

I'd been making a list in my little notebook when I remembered that I have a blog, what which I am supposed to be using for just this purpose. Therefore, I give you
It's not finished but I'm doing laundry tomorrow and will have it all wrapped up by tomorrow night. Tomorrow's outfit is already included in The List and I am very busy congratulating myself for my Foresight and Extreme Thoughtfulness.

1. Vintage denim skirt - I'm already thinking that this one's going to be a problem. See, I don't really like it very much but it seems awfully versatile. Maybe I'll like it more once I'm forced to wear it a bunch.
2. Vintage gray pencil skirt
3. Black mini skirt
4. Purple H&M pencil skirt
5. Red and blue ethnic skirt
6. Black pencil skirt

7. F21 skinny jeans
8. Grey pinstripe Old Man Trousers
9. Black corduroy vintage flares
10. Brown shorts - from Pull My Daisy Boutique

11. Purple American Apparel sweatshirt
12. Red V-neck top
13. Teal off-shoulder sweater - from Native Boutique
14. Black and white striped long-sleeve blouse
15. Grey long-sleeve graphic top
16. Black ruched short-sleeve top
17. Navy and white striped short sleeve knit top

18. Brown plaid ruffle dress
19. Red vintage tube dress
20. Green H&M A-line dress

Coats and Jackets:
21. Big black winter coat
22. Brown velvet vintage military jacket
23. Black blazer
24. Black cat-eared hoodie

25. Leopard print flats
26. Black motorcycle boots
27. Black oxford pumps
28. Chucks
29. Brown vintage riding boots
30. Madden Girl knee-high brown boots - from ModCloth

It's funny but now that the list is done, very few of these things are my "go-to" favorite things, the things I throw on when I want to look good but don't have time to think about it. Instead, these are things rarely worn, like the purple pencil skirt, that I'm hoping are more versatile that my usual wardrobe, that I can mix and match for a month. One item (the knee-high boots) I'm only adding out of stubbornness. I got them in August when it was too hot to wear them and I'll be damned if I'm going to put them out to pasture for another month when it's finally cooled down enough to be comfortable in them.

Either way, it's done and hopefully I'm not so spoiled and vain that I can't last a month with these thirty items, even if it doesn't prove a thing to anyone but myself.

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