Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 2! I win at things!!

I've made it to day 2 of the Thirty for Thirty! I am so proud of myself because during this morning's shower, I tried to talk myself out of sticking to it - the second day of the challenge, I was wimping out. I'd convinced myself that I didn't actually need to follow any dumb rules, I could just not buy stuff for thirty days and that would be practically the same thing. Five minutes later, I'm staring into my closet, thinking that I want to wear the shorts that happened to be on The List but I have no top that matches them. I needed to go shopping RIGHT NOW.. Then I punched myself in the brain and decided to stick to the challenge, after all.My Guy took the picture and given that he's much more into punk rock than fashion, I was surprised at how willing he was to play along. Then again, this is day 2. I'll see how happy he is to be my cameraman in two weeks.
I'm wearing the brown shorts (10), green sweater (13), and my big boots (30). I kept it pretty simple, no accessories except for the stuff I usually wear: The bangles my mom gave me,and the ring and pendant that were gifted to me years ago by an ex-boyfriend.
Action shot!We are dancers.

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