Friday, November 12, 2010


I've fallen behind. It took all of three days - but in my defense, I was super busy yesterday. I did a whole bunch of not much, took my 30 for 30 photos, did some more nothing, then went downtown to take pictures with a friend. We'd both forgotten that the Downtown ArtWalk was happening last night so it was a happy surprise to stumble into it after the shoot. We spent a happy three hours wandering the streets, drinking (wine for her, bourbon for me) and admiring the arts. This is relevant to my style blog because when we decided to visit the ArtWalk after the shoot, I had a minute to be grateful that because I'm taking pictures of the clothes I'm wearing every day and putting those pictures on the internet, I'm putting a little more effort into dressing up and wearing makeup. The ArtWalk is packed with all kinda stylish folk and I would have been a little self-conscious if I'd wandered in looking like poop.
This is Amber, demonstrating what Poop might look like if it were spectacularly gorgeous.There was a little stall selling those hoods and patches and they were irresistible.

On to the outfit:I've got my Purple Plaid Ruffle Dress (18 - it says 'brown' on my list and in my defense, I honestly thought was brown, even after multiple wearing and have only realized it was purple after seeing these photos [This is, maybe, the sort of thing I should not admit]) and black motorcycle boots (26). I added the black tights and my Guy's studded belt with the Red Sox belt buckle. I will pretend that I had it upside down on purpose, so as to be ironic.The jewelry I'm wearing is pretty basic: Some bangles, a few of which were gifted to me by my mother,and a necklace with a couple of pendants. The heart locket was a gift from an ex and I still haven't found what I want to put inside it and the penguin is from a souvenir shop in Australia. I'd gone to see the fairy penguins do their waddle from the beach to the nests on Philip Island but wasn't allowed to photograph their adorableness. I made up for it with cheap but adorable jewelry.


  1. What a great outfit - I love that dress!

  2. That dress just really really suits you for some reason, it looks amazing. The plaid and the large collar works really well :]

  3. I love that you paired the belt buckle with the dress! This is a great look!